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Life can be contrasted to a book in which some chapters are very interesting to read again and again ,word by word , some of the words are so powerful that we can still feel the same essence of certain situations of life .But while going through some chapters it may give us a strange feeling which has the power to destroy us inch by inch at each moment of life when we glance through it. These pages must be torn out instead erasing it , because erasing may still leave  a sort of imprints .But once we tore of these pages out of the book the chapter in that pages can never hurt us anymore .Here tearing the page is simple but remember it is not an easy task. The one and only person who can help you to do this task is you itself. Here this blog is just a pin light that can guide you by focusing your vision  through the healing power of psychology through the frame of life . But the ultimate destiny of of your life can be achieved only by you .

Proud to hold nationality of a country which has elegance and vivacity in different religion , color , caste , ethnic group , ethnicity , and tradition . Yes I was born to the largest democratic country of the human race, India . When saying precisely  I belong to a state with greenery of coconut tree ,the blue lagoons and the smell of soil . No doubt I am saying about the God’s own country, Kerala.

But privileged to say that by heart I am an Omani .Oman, the country which still grasps the natural tradition , architecture, souks, mosques and culture . I was brought up in Oman  . Did my High  school in Oman, from Kerala and currently pursuing  Master’s  in Clinical Psychology .

Rizwana Abdul Salam

Half  the way of my journey two roads diverged as in the poem of Robert Frost.First road promised me the route to the leading technologies  around the globe in the form of Engineering and the second road guaranteed me the course to the inner exquisiteness of harmony existence  of life in the form of psychology and literature .

I took the first  road which was crammed with thrones  and stones but in due course at the end of the first road I accomplished  the second road which led to birth of  “Desire To Inspire.Which is a camera that focuses on Psychology and its  unextinguished healing power  through the frame of life.

Desire To Inspire