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Take the Risk or Lose the Chance!


We all have seen a football match ,right? In this game 70% of people watch what is going to happen ,another 10% of people wonders what is going to happen ,other 9% criticizes  on what is going to happen. And only 1% of people make things to happen or more clearly we can say that only 1% of people ready to take the risk of playing. This is life where only a few people takes  risk in their life to kick their goal of dreams to the goal post of achievement. Until and unless you take risk in your life you can’t get anywhere in your life.

When you are determined to change your life with risks then automatically  your life fulfills your goals . Never wait for the time or someone to change your life instead take the risk now itself and prove yourself to the world who is watching you . be the biggest player of your life and let other wonder on your accomplishments.

Take Risks In Your Life ,If you Win you can Lead,If you Lose you can Guide!

The main reason that most of us does not take any risks in our life is the fear of failure. I have a question to those who fear failure , If you fail at your risk what is going to happen? Death is the ultimate failure that  human beings think on their way , then for a second close your eyes and try to see the soldiers who are protecting us at each nook and corner of our country . Why can’t they sit at home without risking their lives for people like us ? They too have family like us .But they risk life for us for our future generations. The risk that each soldier take for their country is a ever sparkling  sacrifice beyond words and thoughts.


Actually risk is like a tunnel with only darkness and ultimately you reach the end of the tunnel to see a new brighten life .So if you fail at a risk then take that failure as a guiding light inside the next tunnel of risk. Nor if you win at your risk then let you lead the world as a aspirator that spreads the light of  enlightenment around the globe.

The main problem that arises after we are  determined to take the risk is to face all the negative and positive comments around us. First and foremost don’t ever take the negative comments from an outsider who have no link to you instead try to convince  about your risk taking plan to the  close ones who are arising with negative comments out of fear . If not convinced then be determined,  don’t ever try to  fall in your way  behalf try to behold your risk within your breath and release the negatives to the air that vanishes to heights. Always remember that the person who risks nothing does nothing.

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