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Outer Beauty Attracts and Inner Beauty Captivates

 Once there lived a balloon seller in the outskirts of Florida ,he had all the seven colors of rainbow on his balloons . When his business was dull he used to fill his colorful balloons with helium and releases them high n the sky to cherish the innocent happiness that reflected on each and every children’s eyes who passed by him.Once a cute little child who was attracted by the flying balloons tugged the jacket of balloon seller and aroused the question that “Uncle why don’t you have my favorite color among your balloons that are flying high ? Is it because that my favorite color would not fly high?” due to his embracement the balloon seller asked the boy that what is your favorite color ? the child replied in a melancholy voice that my skin color was his favorite color .The child belonged to a black family and hence with dripping heart the balloon seller gave the best answer to the child that “My dear , it is the helium filled inside the balloon that make the balloon fly high not its color”.
                                                     It is never the external beauty that gives you the wings t o fly high ,it is the inner soul that gives life to the wings of flight. A beautiful wings will never let to fly but it is the courage and determination in the form of steadiness that makes the wings to conquer each and every obstacles on their path. There was such a bird who couldn’t fly because of her damaged wings but years after with her inner strength she aroused with her broken wings that was put together with glue called Courage she is none other than Lizzie Velasquez.

Lizzie velasquez-World’s ugliest women to world most inspirational women


Imagine that one morning you got up and checked YouTube and saw your video with a heading as World’s Ugliest Women and millions of people as viewed it and commented as why can’t you kill yourself nor why your parents didn’t kill you? If you are a human being on that spot itself you will scream with tears and you never have the courage to read the rest of the negative comments that goes on and on like a river that never ends.
Instead Lizzie put her tears close to her heart so her parents would t not get hurted and then she read out all the negative comments about her . And you know what she did she kept the negative comments as stairs to reach her goals and to fly high by spreading the fragrance of encouragement to the people around the world.

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