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Wolves Never Sleep Over the Opinions of Sheep

The heading of this post conveys the message that the self determined person who is like a  courageous   wolf  that  takes risk in life or  takes a step forward  in life, will  never step backwards by hearing the words that  echoes  around him by others  who are similar to a folk of sheep that run away from risks with fear. One of the most seen phobias in humans are the thoughts that wonder What others will think about me?

Let me ask you a question? Let others think about you whatever they want  .What that thoughts will do to you? Will that thoughts come in the form of ghost and eat you ?Or what is the fear that haunt you? Do you fear that these thought in others mind will spread to a group of people through their words? Dude be practical it’s your life and it’s you decisions and never let others thoughts to imprison you in their cage. The less you fear about what others think the better life will become. Your life is to be lived by you so why you rely on others words. It’s not what others think it’s what you think about you that counts.This doesn’t mean that don’t take good advices from other people , it means that if we have a garden of fruits then we are able to distinguish between a rotten fruit and a ripe fruit ? So you better pluck the ripen fruit and throw the rotten fruit way. Make a shield to protect yourself  about the thoughts of others and be brave enough like warrior and cut he thoughts of others with sword of self esteem.

The Women Who Bleeded her Heart to Words of  Emotions – Kamala Surayya


Kamala Surayya the women who reflected her feelings and emotions in the form of words to the world. I always distinguished Kamala Surayya from other writers  by the point that  other writers  wrote their work with a pen that has ink in it ,but she wrote with a pen that was  filled with her blood .Still after the death of Kamala Surayya her words spreads the realistic fragrance of truth and bravery . When the writers around the world  are  trying to please their readers through their work  Kamala Surayya to her pen to satisfy herself. She never cared about what the readers may think about her by reading her works .So she openly wrote about the things what other women writers was scared to engrave about ,like  love, lust , puberty , menstruation ,physical intimacy and child marriage. Her words were like sharp knives that pointed the society .

Kamala Surayya was a so dedicated women that after her duty of a wife and a mother she sits at  the silence of night to spill the sea that that has been combined by the rivers called  the reality and imagination . Kamala Surayya lived in the pool of controversies that she  did take care of because she believed that the greatest prison the people live is the fear of what other people will think. She was a  river that flooded with unconditional  love .At first she poured her love to her imaginary character called the lord Krishna and  later when she was converted to Islam she too converted her  lord Krishna to Prophet along with her unchanged intensity love . I firmly believe that the success of the writer Kamala Surayya  is firstly the astonishing writing skills  along with the shield of  courage to cut through the controversies that people around her are created .

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