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Breathing in Relaxation and Breathing out Tension

What do you mean by tension? In simple words Tension is nothing but it is the evaluation of our mind to a particular thing ,people or situation. The evaluation process  in different people are entirely different from each other to a particular situation/thing . Take the very simple example as the exam ,  few people are really afraid of exams, very  few are confident about  exams  and some people have a don’t care approach to exams. Here the main subject is exam , but the way that different people approach the subject  makes it different.

When person is not talking to you , when a person talks to you ,when your teacher scolds you , when your husband is angry with you and like never ending river the list of tensions flow onto your mind that hits your soul and the water spread s whole over your body  making you weak. The pre setting of our mind on a particular thing, person or situation is the main reason behind tension. When this pre setting in our mind goes wrong; then  we need to disconnect  the wires of our brain that we have already connected to somewhere else. So the only precaution for this disease called tension is to  delete all your pre settings from your mind.Breathe out the contaminated tensions to the air by deleting all the pre assumptions from you mind then automatically you can breathe in the fresh oxygen of relaxation.

Kill Tension Before Tension Kills You

Always remember the thing that nobody is responsible for your tension ,it’s you who creates the tension and it is the same you who is going to suffer from it. You are killing yourself on behalf of tension. You don’t have the right to articulate that anybody is responsible for your tension ,because tension is a big process  that you are making out of your own mind with your own evaluation process that can’t be interrupted by anyone.You are the maintainer of your mind and you are the only one who has the key to operate it .So you decide whether to run your mind smoothly with no pre settings or whether to complicate your mind with all the assumptions that may ruin your system.


The after effect of tension may be  in the form of anger or weep which my negatively hit your atmosphere and reflects back to you with a much worse effect. After the heavy storm and  thunder our mind comes back like a calm river without knowing the truth that the storm and thunder just wasted our energy and time with no reason.

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