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I Too Had A Love Story – Ravinder Singh

When Ravin take us along with his journey ,the statement that the world always insists us to live in the present  and to forget the past is flown along with the wind. While he sail back to his past on his ship of love he  also takes the readers along with him . The waves hit the ship in the form of  ecstasy ,pleasure , anticipation, desolation, desolation  thought-out the voyage. The expedition started with exhilaration and it ends up with resurrection. These  emotions which are in the form of waves badly damages the ship on the way to the destination  which is reflected  from is simple, honest and touching way of narration.

The past tense in the title absorbs the verity that the  book is totally dedicated  in  the loving memory of the girl whom  the author loved ,yet could marry .This story expose that not all love stories are meant to have perfect ending and not everyone in this world has a fate to cherish the fullest form of love, some are born just to experience the abbreviation of it.

Ravinder Singh

The story begins with the reunion of four friends  including Ravin . During the reunion they discuss their future plans of getting married and one of the friends suggests Ravin to visit online matrimonial website and  then Ravin  finds out Kushi. After a few months of conversation over phone, they realize that they have started falling in love with each other, although they have never met face-to-face. The spark of love between them was so intense that made a way to their marriage. The pages of their first meeting and the arrangements their  marriage is portrayed so beautifully by the author which makes the readers to fall in  the ocean of love.

But Just before the lighting the engagement, Khushi meets with a road accident .The ship which Ravin took the readers to his past along with his friends ,family and his loving Khushi is shaking with fear and anxiety when Khushi is fallen from the ship to the hands of heaven despite all the medical attempts and prayers. And then the story ends as:


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