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The only person on earth who can motivate you !

There is only one person on earth who will always stand with you , no matter how hard the situation is or how happy the situation is , definitely he will stand with you ,not with sympathy but with empathy.He is only one person who can understand your deep inner feelings and act upon that . The only person who understands you mistakes and try to correct them . The only person who fills the energy of your fuel tank .The person who don’t care about your imperfections or weakness and instead focuses on your strength to cover your weakness.The only person to whom you can spill out your feelings without a fear of disclosing to others. The person who will there with you from birth to death.It’s none other than you itself !

Ever thought of yourself ? Did you ever talked to yourself ? Did you ever asked yourself that what you want ? Is yourself happy or not ? This is life where we do not have time to talk and hear  ourselves instead we complain to the world that nobody is hearing me or talking to me .We dont keep the promises to ourselves but we are busy running to keep other’s promises.We don’t have time to dig our deep passions but we have time to attend motivational classes to create a passion. We refer many motivational books, watch many motivational videos and we never have time to implement them.We make time to hear advices from others but we don’t have time to listen ourselves without knowing the the fact that the biggest motivator in our life lies inside us !

To trace the source of motivation, let’s begin in the brain where neurotransmitters spark chemical messages to keep us alert and on task. Neurotransmitters carry chemical messages that play out in your brain and affect the rest of your body.One neurotransmitter that plays a role in the science of motivation is dopamine.We normally associate dopamine with pleasure, but it has a far wider effect than that. Dopamine has been found to fire before a reward is given, in addition to showing up in times of stress, pain, loss or pleasure. As a result, dopamine levels are now believed to be strongly linked with motivation. 

Motivation happens when your dopamine spikes because you anticipate something important is about to happen. Example you sit in a motivational class and your dopamine gets boosted by the words of the speaker.But the day after the class  we no longer feel motivated .It’s because of the dropped level of domine .If you need to keep the spike level of dopamine you need to train your brain each and everyday .The brain can be trained to feed off of bursts of dopamine sparked by rewarding experiences. You create the dopamine environment, and the brain does the rest.So who will train your brain ?Is it possible for the speaker of the motivational class to come to you all the day and train your brain. It’s impossible ! The person who can train your brain each and everyday is you itself !

Then the very next question arises .From where you will get the energy to motivate you all he day to rest of your life . This answer lies within you .You just need to listen to it. Your energy is your passion . The most important factor that makes a person to live on earth is his energy which is known as the passion.The fuel tank of your energy is situated inside you and neither the tank is empty nor it is full . If empty then you should fill it and if full then try to energise it more.For filling the tank or energising the tank there are some developmental stages and these developmental stages are in all of our lives , there are sequential stages of growth and development.We sometimes look for a shortcut,expecting to be able to skip some of these vital  steps in order to save time and effort and still reap the desired result.It is simply impossible to violate,ignore ,or shortcut this development process.It is contrary to nature,and attempting to seek such a shortcut only results in disappointment and frustration.

During the course of this developmental stages we may taste failure . During these failures ,don’t borrow strength from others.Because borrowing strength from others builds weakness in us.It builds weakness in the borrower because it reinforces dependence on external factors to get things done.It builds weakness in the person forced to acquince , stunting the development of independent reasoning, growth , and the internal discipline . And this borrowed strength us like Band-Aid that can be flown into air at any time .

The borrowed strength at the time of our failure is like medicine that we borrow from others with same symptoms. Without knowing the root cause of our failure  we eat the medicine which was prescribed for others for their root cause with same symptoms of ours but that root cause may have nothing to do with ours .So when we taste failure it’s  our duty is to dig deep into that failure to find out the root cause and to prescribe the correct medicine  . This duty is done by our inner motivator . He is the only person who is able to beat the pain that failure has brought to us because he knows the depth of our pain and the feeling of our emotion since he lies inside us . So love yourself ! Yourself is the only person on earth who will never and ever cheat you and the only person who will stay along with you even though the whole world is against you !

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