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We the Social Molds ! – Part 1 – INTRODUCTION

We all are an outcome of a social mold ? Am I right ? Just think for  a moment we all may be successful at the education that we have gained and the profession we are working on. But did you keep something very far behind ? Check your old wardrobe or your autograph books to get the answer for that . You may find some of your old paintings that brought back your immense love for colours , or an old picture of your dance and made your body to float in air, or a notepad where you scribled your poem of your heart  and the list goes on. These all were you passions . Once these passions were your dreams that did not allow you to sleep. But what have you done ? Not “you” but “we” which includes me  and we were poured into a social mold that would never be spilled out or more precisely saying, we were poured into the mold of doctors and engineers of our society .Think ! When passion becomes your work your work becomes more enjoyable and satisfactory with unextinguished energy .

There are layers and layers of potential that be realized only at our own pace and speed.But instead of finding our or potential or passion we just clone our own image to the social expectation.We manipulate ourselves into acceptable social mold without any leakage.Are you happy with yourself ? Does final output of your mold make you happy ?I  don’t know how many of them, at least for once ; asked yourself that “If I am satisfied with what I am doing ?” or  How many of them kept their promises done to their selves ?

Remember making an keeping promises to ourselves precedes making and keeping promises to other ot to the world !

First and foremost we should have a ” Inside-Out ” approach in our life . Inside-Out means to start first with ourselves ; even more fundamentally , to start with the most inside part of self – with your paradigms , your character  and your passions .Primarily give importance to yourself then secondary to the society .If you want secondary greatness of recognised talent, focus first on primary greatness of yourself.Inside-Out approach says that private victories precede public victories and it is continuing process of renewal based on the natural laws that govern human growth and progress . Its an upward spiral of growth that leads to progressively higher forms of responsible independendence and effective interdependence.

Inside-Out is a dramatic paradigm shift for most people , largely because of powerful impact of conditioning and the current social paradigm of the personality Ethic .Our passions and our motives are already deep within us in our conscience and our common sense, to recognize and develop them and to use them in meeting our deepest concerns, we need to think differently , to shift our paradigms to new , deeper , “Inside-Out” level. So now you all have a doubt on what is paradigm and paradigm shift ? Before going into paradigm and paradigm shift just look at the picture below and say what the picture is .

Put your answer in your mind and let us continue in Part 2.

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