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We the Social Molds! – Part 2 – PARADIGMS

Our society and of course we have a presetted mind or say Paradigm ,which means model, theory ,perception,assumption or frame of reference.In general sense Paradigm the way we “see” the world – not in terms of  our visual sense of light,but in terms of perceiving,understanding,interpreting.Or in simple terms we can assume paradigm as a map which is a theory ,an explanation ,or model of something else.Each of them as many maps in our head,which can be divided into two main categories : maps of the ways things are or realities, and maps of the way things should be or values.We interpret everything we experience through these mental maps .We simply assume that the way we see things is the way they really are or the way they should be. The way we see things is the source of the way we think and the way we act.

Now going back to the picture . Do you see a women about 25 years ? – very lovely ,rather fashionable with a petite nose and a demure presence.But what if I were to tell that you’re wrong? What if I said this picture is of a woman in her 60’s and 70’s who looks sad  and has a huge nose.Look at the picture below you will understand.

These pictures show,first of all,how powerfully conditioning affects our perceptions ,our paradigms.If a few seconds can have that kind of  impact on the way we see things ,what about conditioning for a lifetime ?The influences in our lives all have made their silent unconscious impact on us and help shape our frame of reference, our paradigms, our maps.It also shows that theses paradigms are the source of our attitudes and behaviors.We cannot act with integrity outside of them.To try to change the outward attitudes and behaviour does very little good in long run if we fail to examine and focus the basic paradigm from which those attitudes and behaviour flow.

This perception pictures also shows how powerfully our paradigms affect the way we interact with other people.We see the world , not as it is,but as we are or as we are conditioned to see it.When we open our mouths to describe what we see ,we in affect  describe ourselves,our paradigms ,pour perceptions.Different people see things differently through their unique lens of experience And this lens itself shapes how we interpret the world ! Here what happened was;  our lens was focused on a frame that is is framed by a society and hence we never and ever had a chance to glance at our own paradigms that came deep from our inner soul .Or in simple words we have conditioned our lens in such a way that it only fits to the social paradigms. Or we can say that we ourselves suppressed our paradigms to fit into the frame to our society by leaving our own passion and motive far behind .What did you gain from it ?

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