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Years before , the only time I saw my father crying was the day I saw huge screws and pins pierced into his right leg due an accident . He was not able to walk nor sit .He always laid on bed by burying all the pain inside. Doctors suggested a year of rest but he ignored it , to make us secure and started to work within two months with the screws inside his legs .This led to even worser situation where his screws was not able to take out due to the conjoinment. Still my father bear the pain of these screws . I have witnessed my father’s struggle to keep our life so secure, even in his worst health situations.This scenario made me think that why every poets and religions always praise mothers more than fathers ?

Ultimately years after , at the time of my pregnancy the mystery behind all my thoughts was resolved. For me ,the first trimester was horrible with vomiting and fatigue . This made me realize that all the facts I heard of pregnancy was fault .The common false fact is that pregnant women eat a lot .I could not even drink a glass of water on my entire pregnancy journey due to the metallic taste in my mouth(also known as dysgeusia) . Second trimester was the stage where the demon came – Back pain. And the third trimester was physically and emotionally challenging due to the fear of delivery pain.Altogether in a nutshell my pregnancy journey was worse with vomiting, back pain, sleepless nights and the list goes on .

But the only relaxing false fact that kept me fighting during my pregnancy journey was that once the baby comes out of my belly all my problems will be solved.But I never knew that the real problems are on the way . As my pregnancy and delivery journey was along with Covid19 only I ,husband and grandma was present at my house . As new parents we both were a big zero at parenting.I was not even knowing what all things should I take to hospital during the time of delivery. Thanks to Google and Youtube for been such an amazing doubt clearing partner during my pre and post delivery. Due to under weight of my baby , my delivery was normal with no issues.But the first time breastfeeding ,latching , diaper changing ,bathing along with delivery stitch pain, presented me with postpartum depression . “How will a women undergo depression when she is with her baby after her delivery ?” this was my thought, when I was in my psychology class at my postpartum depression lesson. Taking psychology class after my BTech was one my best decisions that made me fight throughout my postpartum depression.

There were many situations just after my delivery where my inner soul of a mother waked my unhealthy body just to keep my baby secure . There was a situation where I was fully collapsed and was hospitalised for medical aid due to urine infection. In between my medical aid I was sudden awake only to feed my baby .Another situation was the time of my first PMS after my delivery; where I was at the bridge of collapsing but there too my inner soul of a mother fought throughout the day to secure my baby beyond my period cramps.There were months and months of sleepless nights in which the only fact that stood me alive was the the magical love of a mother. And this love is never made ,but it is an automatic reaction of a women who risk her life bearing 57 del of pain(a human body can bear only up-to 45 del of pain) which is equivalent to fracturing 20 bones at a time.

Coming to a conclusion, I am writing this blog not explain about the hardship I faced during my motherhood but to convey the message that ” Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried job since the payment is pure love ” So love and support your mother because they risked their life to secure your life! Of cause a father also struggles for his family ,equally or more as a mother do ,but he can take off or take rest at some point of life . Whereas mother is a walking miracle who is always the backbone of a family, she will never and ever take rest because of the inextinguishable light of love lit in her heart by the almighty!


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