Basic Psychology

Psychology is always misunderstood  as the study of mind as it was the earliest definition for psychology .When we go through this definition of psychology  we all often have a doubt that what is mind and where is it situated ?

The mind is defined as the sum of the cognitive abilities that enable consciousness, perception, memory, thinking, imagination and judgment. It may also be defined as the conscious and unconscious mental activity of a person.And now when the handle of the time goes around science have redefined psychology as the scientific study of human behavior and mental process .This page contains the knowledge that is passed from my teachers, colleagues and internet.

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Let us sail back to the history of Psychology , to have a deep glance upon the standing pillars of psychology and their great contributions to psychology which stands out as the golden feathers of history of psychology .

History Of Psychology

 All thoughts, feeling & behavior ultimately have a biological cause. A biological perspective is relevant to the study of psychology.

Biology Of Psychology 

Learning and memory are closely related concepts. Learning is the acquisition of skill or knowledge, while memory is the expression of what you’ve acquired.

Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory

Developmental psychologists study human growth and development over the lifespan, including physical, cognitive, social, intellectual, perceptual, personality and emotional growth.

Life Span Psychology

What exactly is personality? How does understanding your own personality help you gain greater insight into your emotional well-being? Lets find out through.